Jeanne Denney
basket weave

The 20-Something Crisis

We spend the first 25 years (or so) growing bodies and brains and getting a direction (we hope) for our service to the world of the physical. If and when we don’t flow so spontaneously through this passage (much interferes with this in the current culture) we have what is called a “20 something crisis”. Almost every 20 year old I know in America in college or out is in this crisis in some form and unprepared for charting their life’s course.

If we make it through this in satisfactory shape by the end of our twenties, we spend the next 25 years or so ascending, building our lives themselves, raising families perhaps, making careers, having marriages and relationships, all (mind you) based on the trajectory mapped by a consciousness of someone in their twenties.

Most 25 year olds are unfortunately cut off from sources of wisdom that might help them chart a course for themselves based on wisdom, one that acknowledges deeper levels of their being. Addressing this deficit is a pressing need of our time.