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About Core Energetics Therapy

Core Energetics is a therapeutic method that works with the idea that human beings have an energy system as well as a body and that this energy system and body are intimately linked to a person’s emotions, thoughts and even spirituality. It teaches practitioners ways to observe this energy system and the way that blockages in it manifest in the body. In Core Energetics theory the body is seen as a repository of our history and psychic life and can be observed or “read” in order to understand and work with clients core life issues. It teaches methods to free up bound energy, or contain leaking energy in a therapeutic context, so that an individual can live with more vitality, joy and empowerment.

From a client’s point of view, Core Energetics is a dynamic form of therapy using talk, movement, breath, touch, and sound to facilitate emotional flow, personal change, the expansion of joy and empowerment in life, physical release and relaxation. It is a therapy that requires relatively more courage and vulnerability from a client, perhaps, but also offers the opportunity for life-changing and permanent transformation.

A primary idea of Core Energetics is that the emotional and spiritual lives of the human being are housed in the physical tissue of the body. They can be worked with both by evaluating physical structure, relieving muscular tensions and challenging weaknesses. Core Energetics work also demonstrates that emotional distress can be relieved and much more expediently worked with if the body is made a part of work with spiritual and emotional issues. Numerous exercises were developed by Alexander Lowen and John Pierokos in order to support emotional release and renewal. Practitioners of Core Energetics are trained in both traditional psychotherapeutic ideas and methods as well as methods for observing and working with the body and energy system.

Core Energetics is a Reichian therapy developed by psychiatrist Dr. John Pierokos, M.D. John was a partner of Alexander Lowen (also a physician) and with him developed Bioenergetics before starting his own school in Core Energetics. Traditionally Core Energetics included concepts of spirtual development, whereas Bioenergetics did not. For all practical purposes today, Bioenergetics and Core Energetics are much the same. Lowen and Pierokos were both students and clients of Wilheim Reich, and were greatly influenced by his teaching.