Jeanne Denney
basket weave

Primal Pulses and Gestures

Whatever the Life Force itself is, it has patterned movement. Watching the human body and energy grow, move and develop, as well as each individual breath we take, you can discern what I call Primal Gestures, natural movements of the life force itself. If tended, allowed and encouraged, these unfettered movements themselves encourage vitality, happiness and health. This energy moving well is what I might suggest feeling "truly alive" or vibrant is.

Searching for Clues in Allometry

If you study Allometry (the study of anatomical proportions), it is clear that there are waves of vertical and radial growth in the human form. Our physical development from some time in utero to late adolescence proceeds from head to torso to feet and hands. This might be called an incarnational pulse. It is also similarly clear that there is an upward wave of physical deterioration at end of life working in the reverse, or an excarnational pulse. I discovered that these basic upward and downward movements of energy were also at work in each breath we take through life, and likely in many other processes as well. I found I could track this movement of energy within myself and others.




The Primal Gestures of the Life Force observed in the body are:

  1. The Vertical Pulse - Energy moves up and down the body-(described here and seen above)- Associated with individual development and life span
  2. The Horizontal Pulse Energy moves horizontally front/back-(described here and here)Associated with Relationships
  3. The Radial Pulse - Energy moves concentrically and radially - Associated with Community
  4. The Circular Pulse - Energy moves from Concave to Convex in profile: Spinal Movement - Associated with individual life span.

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Last but not least....

The Dual Pulse

The concept of the life pulse is simple to explain in comparison to what I now call the “dual pulse”. Many traditions have worked with the idea of pairs of oppositional or counterbalancing energy working within the human system, for example the taoist yin and yang energies, as well as the masculine lalana (or idakyangmada-wa) and feminine pingala (or roma, nyi-ama) channels of energy running in the core of the Tibetan chakra system, or the Hindu Shakti and Shiva. However I did not get the idea of this dual pulse from other traditions originally. It came from direct perception of growth and from my own breath experiments working with self and others. I call these paired and alternating currenst "The Dual Pulse".

As I worked with the body and the breath, visualizing and practicing finding the upward and downward movements of energy within each breath and the places where my developmental history was challenged and blocked in the body, I noticed t a sense that something else was moving in opposition to this pulse. I began to work with this pulse as well. As one moved down, the other moved up paired in opposition (somewhat ideally). For me these were balanced through the heart. Other people I have discovered have very different experiences of these energies. Of course nothing is ideal, but as I worked with these I found my greatest balance and centering when I was able to let these “yin and yang” movements in the core of my body relate to each other as a totality something like an internal balancing mechanism or as if I was juggling two balls.

The second energy is a bit of a mystery to me, since it can be felt, but can't be seen by watching physical development. However the study of embryology gives other clues of energetic formation. Indeed one of the first recognizable movements of energy in what is called the "primitive streak" which creates the original midline in embryonic development procedes from what will become the anus to what will be the mouth. In other words there is a movement of energy from base to head in our first weeks.

Some esoteric traditions teach that the chakra system develops from root to head. Others teach the opposite. This gives further evidence that there may be two counter-balancing energies within our core that are primordial in nature. My current suspicion is that there is a physical and energetic wave that work in counterbalancing opposition (yin and yang/ heaven and earth/ spiritual and physical) in the central channel fo the body. This is what I call the dual pulse. And though this may seem a bit abstract, the implications of balancing these two energies through body and within our relationships are anything but trivial!