Jeanne Denney

About Energy Healing

Energetic Healing is hard for many people to understand and so I have included a lengthy question and answer format here to help people get a better understanding of this process.

In the world of medicine, it has been hotly debated and tends to elicit strong opinions on both sides of the issue of “efficacy”. In my own view this is because the means by which healing is effective are often beyond the constructs of western medicine’s current paradigm, working on different levels and in different time constructs than physical science is used to measuring. To make it more complicated, energetic therapies can be very effectively resisted by patients who are not ready for shifts or changes in their way of being or who may not have trust in their practitioner. Finally, it seems that the intentionality of researchers becomes a part of the research in ways that are not usually accounted for in medical research today, so that if someone is trying to disprove the efficacy they will tend to do that and vice versa. As a result, there are studies that both support and refute the use of energetic therapies in conjunction with western medicine. However, more and more studies do show positive effects.

As medical science hones into more and more intricate relationships in the human body and focuses on cellular and molecular levels, there may soon be a plausible theories for understanding the efficacy of healing work. Neurobiology, Endocrinology, Immunology and Psychology are merging into new relationships and providing new understandings of the mind/body relationship and the nature of health. (See particularly Candace Pert’s book, Molecules of Emotion, or These understandings will likely provide the link medical science with the human energetic field and field structures that have been reported and worked with in many cultures through many centuries.

Fortunately, practitioners and their patients have not waited for the theoretical constructs to be completely reconciled with medical models and have forged ahead intuitively with complementary ways to enhance healing and health. Trainings now exist for healers that help them learn to expand their intuitive perceptions and skills while integrating them with psychology and physiology. In this way healers are learning to interface with health professionals, sometimes in hospital facilities. The fact that more and more nursing professionals have received training or exposure to healing modalities such as Reiki, Touch for Health or Therapeutic Touch has also allowed for greater experiential understanding of energetic methods within medical culture.

People who utilize energetic healing methods tend to do it based on their personal experience with these methods and often a desire to find a sense of meaning and integration as they move through processes of growth, healing and change.