Jeanne Denney
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Lifeskills Bootcamp - A Guide for Youth

Lifeskills Bootcamp is a project for kids in teens and twenties intended to bridge the gap between school learning and life learning so that they can become independent and happy humans oriented in the direction of their deepest desires and capable of healthy relationship. It gives tools for finding desire, working with relationships, dealing with practicalities of life and survival (such as buttons, laundry, budgets, shopping) and relates all of this to knowledge of their most essential life processes (ourselves as larger cosmic beings in physical form). It is a beginning project.

I intend to bring young adults into dialogue with elders, and teach basic things that I have found bring sanity to people in the passage to adulthood. We will work in low-cost gatherings on weekends and evenings, facebook groups, process groups etc. I also work with parents of children struggling to come of age.

I am gathering young people for conversation and work toward the end of being great adults. Contact me if you would like to be involved with this: