Jeanne Denney

Jeanne DenneyTestimonials

"My colleague, Jeanne Denney, is a Mover and a Shaker. When she works with people in her wise and kind way, she moves peoples' bodies and energy so that they can move their souls. She shakes people into becoming awake to their own potential and their own joy. She embraces the profound phases of life.... Jeanne and I have worked on cases together, so I have been witness to the profound openings and release she creates in her work with clients. I respect and trust her deeply. I am thrilled that Jeanne, the Healer, is in my life and touches the lives of so many." - Liz Carl, LCSW


“This work truly transformed my pain into strength and left me feeling proud of my journey.” - Susan

"As a lifetime student on the path of self-awarenes, I've encountered many teachers along the way. Jeanne Denney is different. A few years ago, when I came to Jeanne for one-on-one counseling - and later, joined a process group - I was processing big grief - both of my parents were dying and I was the designated daughter, both of my children were about to leave the nest and my writing and teaching were suddenly taking off. Jeanne was able to engage me in all of the confusion and meet me right where I was. She met me in the language of the heart and soul that I speak and understand. Then, she helped and supported me as finally, I opened my heart. I recommend her without reservation and gratitude beyond words." - Amy Oscar, Teacher and author of "Sea of Miracles"

"She listens, she cares and she sparkles." - Paige - 9 yrs.old

"Jeanne Denney is a passionate and caring teacher. Safety and support are constantly available and exchange of thoughts and ideas are encouraged. I can highly recommend study with Jeanne. One is in good hands."
-Marcus Daniels Director Lungta Institute

“I have never felt so relaxed in my entire life.” - Joan (cancer patient)

“I went into this surgery stronger and more peaceful than I knew I could be, and I have emerged from it feeling amazed… I experienced much less post-surgical trauma than I ever have before. I learned to take back control and face some very old lifelong fears. Each step I took changed the next one for me. And it has been a journey I would with Jeanne take again anytime." Sue - (Hip revision surgery patient)

"Jeanne has enlarged and enriched my world with her work and her being.  She is an original, innovative teacher who brings much clarity and light.  I have found the group to be a highly effective way to resolve current and long standing personal issues and dilemmas." -S. P.

"Jeanne's process group continues to help me know and live more fully into myself..... At the end of each group, I leave feeling I've been truly seen, and, as a result, feeling more authentic and whole. I have always felt safe with Jeanne, as well as inspired by her to take risks and grow." - K. U.

"I found that listening to others in the group helped me grow as an individual" - Stan

The "Planning on Dying Class" was awesome. Not only did it help me process my grandmother's death, it also help me focus on priorities in my life. Thinking about my "ideal death" brought issues out into the open for me to start dealing with them. I am happier for taking (this)class. I got a panoramic vision of death that I hadn't had before. I am much less afraid of it and feel like the presence of "possible death" hanging over situations or life in general is more a friend reminding me of what is important rather than a foe to be feared." - J.

"The experience of your group has been extraordinarily meaningful for me. Your workshop helped open up long over-due grieving for my friends. My increased comfort with death and dying enabled me in turn to be with a friend in (other's grief). My capacity to be present has been strengthened in a way I know shall benefit me and others. In short, you and the other members of the group... provided a life-changing and lasting experience." - M.

With warmth, intelligence and serious intent to heal and help, Jeanne Denney patiently led me through a serious and painful life transition this past year.  She creates and holds a safe space for transformation.  Jeanne helped me clarify my goals for our work together, then did her job to insure our sessions stayed on course. I appreciated her ability to be incredibly patient, yet super focused. The full scope of Jeanne's multi faceted training in diverse therapeutic modalities helped me feel hopeful that the sky was the limit in finding my way through healing.  In gratitude.
- Danette

My time with Jeanne was a gift. Her sensitivity and ability to create safe space were key in facilitating my opening and trust.  Her keen perception and use of direct and gentle communication was woven masterfully with a warm and grounded sense of humor. I am deeply grateful to Jeanne for the the way she touched and informed my life.    Susan O.