Jeanne Denney

Therapy and Healing

Private Practice

Jeanne’s practice in New York City and Haverstraw, NY focuses on helping people use life issues such as emotional unease, anxiety, crises, illness, bereavement or birth to find a greater connection to themselves, their bodies, their health and their sense of personal meaning. This is accomplished first through talking. It usually also includes breathwork, movement, bodywork and other touch and non-touch methods as needed. The course of work together gradually supports physical and emotional release and renewal, and increases awareness and empowerment. Finding an understanding of these changes in the context of a client's own spirituality is supported and encouraged to the extent that clients find this useful for them.

Phone Sessions are available on request. Payment for these sessions can made through the paypal (to, by check or cash.

Group Process Work

In addition to individual counseling, therapy and healing, Jeanne leads very dynamic ongoing process groups (See “Finding the Self in Group Process”). Therapeutic groups are run semi-weekly using the principles of Core Energetics. Group learning is experiential in nature and strives to make theories personally relevant.


Weekend Workshops are held a few times a year. Workshops are didactic and experietial. They include theories of growth as well as lively explorations of real issues in life and relationship. I also occasionally offer group process days and weekends or full day teachings on various topics.


• Haverstraw, NY – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Alternate Saturdays

Contact for Address

• New York City - Wednesdays and Alternate Saturdays

NYC Address: 350 Central Park West (at 94th St) - Suite 1B

Methods Utilized in Jeanne’s Practice and Group Work:

Body Psychotherapy (also referred to as Somatic Psychology) has been around in various forms for many years, having its origin in Freud’s student, Wilheim Reich, the M.D. Reich first worked with the idea of breath, energy fields (which he called “orgone”), muscular armoring and body segments in Psychology. Undoubtedly it could be traced even further back in psychology and before. It is a field rich in innovation and experimentation, a growing body of clinical experience, practice and research that attests to the efficacy and importance of working with mind and body together in health and wellness.

What I do in my practice is best described as part of this body of work. Even though nationwide “Body Psychotherapy” is the term used for the work that I do and this is my training, it is actually illegal in New York State for me to call myself a “body psychotherapist”, because it could imply that I am trying to represent myself as a licensed psychologist. I am not a licensed psychologist, nor is body psychotherapy a licensed field at this time in New York State. However this information is important to understanding both my training and my practice.

The best general descriptions of Body Psychotherapy or Somatic Psychology are on the website of the United States Association of Body Psychotherapy, where you can find:

• Definition of Body Psychotherapy
• History of the Field
• General Description of the Field
• General Description of the work of the Body Psychotherapist

Therapies I commonly use are:

• Core Energetics
• Trauma Remediation and Somatic Experiencing
• Transpersonal Counseling
• Biofeedback and Heartmath
• Energy Healing

Phone Sessions are available on request.


Payment for sessions can made by check, cash or through paypal to