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New Interview on Blog Talk Radio with Tom Fuld
Recorded 8/6/2016 - I take 30 min. with Tom to discuss my healing journey and a bit about my therapeutic work, life, death and much more.


The Pendulum - (New Blog coming, stay tuned)

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By Jeanne Denney:

The First Patient: A Hospice Worker’s Chronicle
Dressing Dad: A Daughter’s Post-Mortem Reflection on Dying Part 1 of 3
Dressing Dad: A Daughter’s Post-Mortem Reflection on Dying Part 2 of 3
Dressing Dad: A Daughter’s Post-Mortem Reflection on Dying Part 3 of 3

Hospice Guilt: When you can't do more. Then What?
“Thanks, we’re doing just fine”: A Disenfrachised Caregiver’s Lament
Teaching Death to Youth: Toward a Culture of Death Literacy
Death is not Contagious (part 1 of 2)
Grief is Contagious: Try to Catch Some (Part 2 of 2)
Reviewing the Costs and Benefits of Compassion
Reflections on Sitting Vigil in the SNF
Hospice Workers (and others) Meet to Contemplate Their Own Death
Is Death an Orderly Process? (Part 1 of 2): Probing the Womb of the Next World
How Old is Old Enough?: Reflections on Compulsive Aging (Part 2 of 2)
Defending Against Our Own Needs: Reflections on Burnout
Why is Death so Hard to Say?


Blogs by Guest Bloggers:

The Moment of Death: Timing is everything, or…at least something - Noell Goldberg
Douglas Firs Were Our Sanctuary: Remembering an Assisted Death - Beth Patterson
Dying for Change - Charles Leadbeater
Sitting with Sally: My first vigil - Charlie Izzo
Long Term Care: Making a Connection - Fran Harmeyer
My Friend Kathryn - Fran Harmeyer
The Vitale’s - Fran Harmeyer

The Committed Parent Blogs: 

The Ritual, Tribal Abandonment of Mothers
The Cost of the Cut: Reflections on Infant Circumcision  
Toxic Parent Brain
Detoxing Toxic Parent Brain
Embracing the Descent into Mother’s Dark Heart


Interviews, Webinars and Audio

Interview with Karen Wyatt of End of Life University on Research with Non-communicative Patients - April 2016

Bringing Death to Life: USABP Webinar - April 2016

Blog Talk Radio: Interview on Death and Dying - September 2011

Introduction to the Art of Dying - Integrative Thanatology Program - Webinar for the NY Open Center - September 2015- Contact Jeanne for this program.




Conversations with the Beloved (collection in progress)

The Mothering Poems

The Christmas Poems

About The Kairos Network Blog:  

The Kairos Network Blog happily accepts work from other writers concerning their experiences with caregiving for elders or the dying. General explorations of death and bereavement are also welcome here, as well as cultural attitudes toward the same. If you are someone who works in some way with the transition we call dying, your reflections and stories are welcome here. Contact

Submission Guidelines: Submissions to Kairos Network Blog should reference heartfelt, personal accounts of experiences you have had as an eldercare worker, hospice worker or family caregiver. They should explore the thoughts and inner responses you have had to your experience in this role. This includes creative work such as stories, poetry submissions as well as essays. It could also include some clinical discussions if there is a personal point of view in the content, or they reference a personal accomplishment. Links to other internet material should not have any promotional intent. They must be informative and only included for the purposes of elucidating your points or content. Submissions should be well constructed, in good English and mindful of spelling conventions. They should be less than 1200 words. Titles for your piece can be suggested, but final titles will be chosen by the editor with your approval.

Please include a very short bio with your submission (two to three lines max).